A little about us…

Studio .23 was brought to life to produce high quality candles of unique design.

Duo Oliver and Samantha found a love for creating beautiful candles that not only smell amazing but look fab too.

Is an expensive candle really worth it?

We won’t judge. All we will do is create candles that are well made at a fair price.

Is Studio .23 different…

We are!

Of course there is plenty of us candlemakers around, formulating scents, blending different waxes, but we like to think we’re a little different.

We like to think that painting every jar sets our design and finish apart from the rest. Yes, it’s painstakingly long, but the end product is worth it all.

But, that's not all! We like to think that behind the scenes we’re doing our share, all be it small to contribute to bringing the industry into the modern world of responsibilities socially and sustainably.

We are responsible…

In 2019 we feel it is only right to be an environmentally and socially conscious brand.

We are constantly looking to refine our supply chain to ensure every effort is being made to be a conscious brand.

By creating all our candles in house we are in a fortunate position to ensure only good goes into every candle.

We aren’t superhuman so unfortunately we can’t manufacturer all our raw materials, but we’re pretty good at sourcing the good stuff.

Our suppliers are all based within the UK, that doesn’t mean everything is good. We ensure by working with these suppliers that they trade and manufacturer ethically and sustainably.

Why waste?

We don’t like waste.

Of course we want our candles and packaging to look amazing, but we don’t want it to harm planet earth.

Once you’ve burned your candle, it’s not the end of the jars life. Our jars are made from glass, Recyclable? Yes! Reusable? Absolutely!

Our candles are packaged and sent in 100% recyclable material.

We are so close to being completely plastic free, an aim we hope to solve in the near future.